Building a true partnership  to give them a head start

Children need familiar adults to depend upon for support, reassurance and comfort. 

Our key person initiative places an experienced Nursery Practitioner (known as a key person)  to each child that joins Nursery.  This ensures they always have a point of contact and someone that is with them mostly throughout their time here at Brambly Hedge.

It’s a vital role that involves responsibility for working with a small number of children directly ensuring they are comforted by a familiar face, but also that their progress is mostly tracked by one person.  The key person also builds close bonds with parents and keeps them informed of progress.  We fully understand the role Parents play outside of Nursery so by working together in this way we can maximise your Childs potential before they leave us for Primary School.

Our key workers help our babies and children become familiar with their settings, and to feel confident and safe within them. When children feel happy, safe and secure in this way that they are confident to explore and try new things.

Key Workers and Parents

We want you to feel confident and reassured that while your Child is in our care they are in the safest of hands.

Our key workers build positive relationships, regularly talking to parents to make sure each child is being cared for appropriately and that their home and nursery routines are consistent. They also keep records of progress in the form of Journey Books, daily observations and even Facebook where permission is granted through our registration form.   These books effectively chart the progress and highlight any potential issues early enough for us to intervene.

Our values of trust, honesty, and openness are important to the key person role and for our parents as they know they are values they can trust.

Parents are actively encouraged to participate in parents evenings, open days and special events with their child whilst they are at nursery.  This helps parents to feel involved, engage with the staff team and to have confidence in their child’s day care routine and development.