Your questions  answered

Do you have availability?

We have capacity for 70 children at any one time although we have 120 on our books.  Availability fluctuates with the intake and of course Children leaving to live somewhere else or indeed Graduating to Big School. Contact us to discuss your needs. We do out utmost to help accommodate Children.

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Can I come to look around ?

We welcome visitors at any time but please try to avoid between 12pm-1pm as we feed the Children then and it is a very busy time :-)  No appointment is necessary and in fact we prefer you to turn up unannounced to see how a normal day would be for your child.

Do you do trials ?

Indeed we do!  New environments for Children can be confusing so we offer up to three sessions where over time (if needed) the parent detaches themselves from Nursery.

Do you charge a registration fee ?

Yes we do, its £35,  and that is payable on completion of the Registration Form. Please do not complete the form unless you have discussed availability with the Manager / Deputy Manager.

How do I register ?

Please contact the Manager/Deputy Manager initially to discuss the hours required. If we have availability please complete the Registration Form IN FULL and sign it then deliver it to Nursery. The registration fee of £35 is then payable to secure your place.

I have a new baby, when can they come ?

We prefer to care for babies from 3 months onwards but we understand that may not be an option for some Parents. We have therefore taken younger babies. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

When are you open?

We open from 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri. We close bank holidays and over Christmas for a few days. We are open during Half Term weeks usually.

Do you take the Children out ?

Yes we do!  Its vitally important to their learning that they experience as much as possible. We have a safe comfortable Audi Q7 which in Winter acts as double protection for their safety.  Heres a few of the places we go…

  • Shopping to the butchers / fruit & veg.
  • Forrest trips
  • Old peoples homes eg Harvest Festival
  • Skeldale Vets (stars of Yorkshire Vet on C5) with our pet Rabbits.
  • White Rose books for story time
  • The Library
  • Christmas tree hunting
  • Animal farms

How secure is Nursery ?

VERY! Children will be Children whether at home or in Nursery. After one managed to unlock and open a door in 2010 we beefed up security. Since then we have had no incident like that whatsoever and didnt have any before that.

Our security measures include:

  • CCTV around the perimeter and in public areas.
  • All exit doors locked and keys kept at a height Children cannot reach.
  • Firedoors lead to open secure spaces with a high perimeter fence.
  • No Children are left alone in a room.
  • Children are signed in/out by Parents and staff if going on an outing.
  • All Garden areas are secure and have high fencing/gates.
  • All internal doors leading to Nursery rooms have a lock with 6 pin lock.

What if I have an issue ?

As all our parents will no doubt testify we have a totally open door policy to any issues or concerns you may have.  This includes face to face in private or via the telephone. We are open, approachable and willing to help regardless of the issue so do not hesitate to contact the Manager or Deputy or indeed the owner.

What is your safeguarding policy ?

All our policies are held in reception but as they are so extensive we can email any of them to you on request.

What is your food like ?

We think its the best in any Nursery by far!  We have a 5 star rated kitchen and in house cook who prepares a different menu EVERY WEEK and ensures all vital nutrients are catered as well as any allergies.

We often ask the Children to input to the Menu and those meals become “Jacks Choice” for example.

Children (aided by staff) help prepare the vegetables and mix for biscuits, cakes etc out side of the Kitchen area.  Its amazing that a Child will eat food they say they don’t like just because they prepared it!

We charge a small amount of money for the high standard of food we prepare and present. Take a look in our Gallery for some examples!